If you are an Avengers addict, you’ve probably already seen Thor: Ragnarok twice, because it’s been out since Friday. So if you need a new Valhalla-flavored dose of fun (or just need something to read while you’re waiting in line for the next showing), we’re here to help you select the perfect romance for your type!


If Thor is your man, you like ’em big, brawny, but with a sense of humor, too. You’ll love Alice Clayton’s Buns, featuring a sexy baker with magic hands and a twinkle in his eye–love and laughter go together like butter and biscuits!

Are you a Heimdall fan? (And with Idris Elba playing the role, how could you not be?) Then try The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert. Single dad Isaac has been through his share of troubles, but still, all he wants to do is take care of people. Prickly orchard owner Sanna takes a while to warm up to him, but warm up she does!

Or maybe you love a bad boy with glimpses of heart beneath, like Loki? You should read Chantal Fernando’s Breaching the Contract, featuring a lawyer who has eyes for his new associate–and is determined to push her away before he makes a move that would definitely not be approved by HR.

Are you looking for a gentle giant and can overlook a fiery temper? You’re Team Hulk, and would definitely enjoy Take Down by Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt. MMA champion Gabriel just wants to live a quiet life of training for battles in the octagon, so he’s not interested in nosy journalist Megan Sinclair getting him all riled up…or is he?

Or maybe your type isn’t a dude at all! For Valkyrie, family is everything–just like in Molly Harper’s Sweet Tea and Sympathy. The McCreadys are a quirky Southern family who have each others’ backs, no matter what–especially when it comes to welcoming their fish-out-of-water cousin from the big city. Will Margot ever get used to having so many relatives up in her business? And will that throw a wrench into her budding relationship with the hot new elementary school principal?

Can you just not resist someone you know is going to be trouble? Then Hela the death-goddess is your girl. Sure, she’s determined to overthrow Asgard and probably isn’t going to do great meeting your folks at the holidays, but there’s just something about her…so we think Kresley Cole’s Wicked Abyss will be right up your alley. After all, only a Fae princess could be a suitable match for the Lord of Hell!