New York Times bestseller Laura Griffin’s beloved Tracers series is known for its gripping forensic details. Each novel sheds light on a fascinating element of crime scene investigation, and TOUCH OF RED (out tomorrow!) focuses on just how crucial a role fingerprints can play in an investigation. Read on for some fun facts, and take the quiz to see if you have the chops to be a CSI!

Did you know….?

Identical twins have different fingerprints.
Although identical twins share the same DNA, their fingerprints are different because these ridges on the skin develop in utero.

Even if a serial number has been filed off a gun, it can still be recovered.
Forensic experts have ways of restoring original serial numbers using chemical processes.

Bite mark evidence was used to help convict infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.
Such evidence is now considered controversial, though, and has been challenged in court.

Superglue is used to develop fingerprints that are invisible to the naked eye.
Superglue, a.k.a. cyanoacrylate, can develop prints on items such as guns, bottles, and bullets.


Trace evidence expert Brooke Porter is known for her ability to transform the smallest evidence into big leads for the police. In TOUCH OF RED, Brooke puts her talents to work helping homicide detective Sean Byrne track down an elusive killer.

Have you ever wanted to be a CSI? Take the quiz to see if you might have what it takes!


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