Take a look at these sexy excerpts from Sophie Jackson’s Love and Always, but be warned – there are both PG and R rated excerpts below.

Carter and Kat’s story began in A Pound of Flesh—a tale of loyalty and all-consuming love against the odds, and an irresistible bad boy hero…

In Love and Always, their story continues as they share the news of their engagement, and it doesn’t go over well with Kat’s mother. On top of it all, Carter has a new role as CEO of WCS Communications, which adds more pressure to his new life outside prison. Trying to juggle family, a billion dollar business, and Carter’s best friend Max’s rehab stint, doesn’t leave much time for the happy couple to enjoy each other. How will Kat and Carter handle the pressures of marriage, family, and work—and keep the passion alive through it all?


PG excerpt 

As noon approached on Christmas Eve, Kat was about ready to crawl out of her skin.

She’d changed her outfit three times, from jeans to a skirt to dress pants and back again. She’d put her hair up, then taken it down; curled it; then straightened it. She’d made sure the food she’d cooked was organized and ready more times than she could count, and cleaned the house over and over from top to bottom until the wood was gleaming so brightly Carter had suggested in bemusement that they eat off the floor instead of plates around the dinner table.

But none of it did anything to ease her sense of dread.

The truth was, Kat had no idea what her mother’s reaction was going to be. Frankly, she didn’t care, though a small part of her longed for her mother to be happy. Kat wanted to marry Carter with everything that she was: body, mind, and soul, and no one could convince her otherwise. But it didn’t change the fact that her mother was a tricky beast.

After checking the time on her cell phone for the hundredth time, Kat glanced over at the collection of black and-white pictures that adorned the wall above the fireplace.

The memories that she and Carter had created so far were building perfectly in frameless glass, and never failed to calm her. There were pictures of them in Hawaii the past summer, after he completed his parole, tanned and blissfully happy. Carter’s shirtless, inked body was stunningly beautiful, and the Wayfarers he wore made him look sexy as sin. Next were pictures of them eating a picnic in their spot in Central Park, then several arm’s-length selfies taken as they walked down the beach being goofy together, kissing, and last New Year’s at Nana Boo’s house.

Kat lingered wistfully over the picture of her and her father, which sat on the shelf, next to a white orchid, in an elegant silver frame. She’d been five and he had been her everything. As small as it was, the pang of loss in her chest was all too present. How she wished he were alive to see how happy she was.

Lord, it would be all sorts of awesome if—like Kat knew her father would have—her mom simply accepted that Kat and Carter were going to get married and live happily ever after.

“Kat.” Carter’s voice stopped her dead in the middle of the sitting room.

She looked down at him sitting on the sofa, as though he’d materialized out of thin air.

“You’re pacing,” he added softly. “Calm down.”

“Sorry,” she uttered distractedly before stuffing her thumbnail back into her mouth and pacing some more.

Carter’s hands on her waist and his gentle voice in her ear brought her to another stop. “It’s going to be fine.” He placed a kiss on her neck.

She turned in his arms and cupped his handsome face. His stubble was all designer-handsome and felt luscious under her palms. “Do you really believe that, or are you just saying it to make me feel better?”

He paused, narrowing his eyes a little as though deep in thought. “I’m saying it to make us both feel better,” he said finally with a wry smile. His blue eyes looked deep into hers, drawing what little strength she had left to deal with the situation to the surface. She lifted onto her tiptoes and kissed him, needing to show him how grateful she was for his support, and how she would stand by his side no matter what or who got in their way.



R excerpt

For Carter, the evening had been almost six hours of delicious torture. Captivated by Kat’s beauty and the sweet fragrance of her all around him, Carter was amazed he’d managed to hold a decent conversation with anyone while she stood at his side, wanton and stunning.

She touched him in ways that were intended to be innocent but nevertheless had him hot and hard and ready to take her to a quiet part of the crowded godforsaken Fort Knox of an apartment and fuck her senseless. A hand on his leg here, a brush of her shoulder there.

No, his girl didn’t play fair.

He knew she wanted it, too. The way her pupils dilated and her chest heaved when she thought he wasn’t looking told him so. Silly girl thought she could hide it from him, but she’d always been an open book.

He’d promised to behave outside the elevator and in the back of the car—where he’d managed to get his hand under her skirt to her thigh—but now they were home, her key sliding into the lock, and he was all for throwing well behaved and courteous out of the nearest window.

The loud moan that erupted from her when he pushed her back against the door, slamming it shut and the rest of the world out was encouragement enough. His dinner jacket and bow tie were the first things to hit the floor, along with Peaches’ purse and keys.

“Wait,” she panted, gripping his shoulders, nipping the skin through his dress shirt.

“Fuck that,” he grunted, rubbing his face into her cleavage. Christ, she smelled so damned good, all body lotion and his favorite perfume on her, Coco Mademoiselle.

“Please,” she whimpered into his hair. “I want you in our bed.”

“You can have me in our bed,” he said, kissing her passionately. “After I’ve had you against the door.”

Kat gasped when their lips met again: frantic and wet. Carter’s tongue slid aggressively against hers, causing her to moan and arch closer. He wound one arm around her shoulders and one around her waist, cradling her to him as he devoured her mouth. Kat’s hands were everywhere and nowhere at once. One moment they were in his hair, and the next they were on his neck, his shoulders, his back, his ass. Her hunger for him was so hot.

Ignoring her protests about having his mouth on hers, Carter dropped to his knees and lifted the material of her dress up to her waist with one hand. With the other, he pushed her black silk panties to the side and, without waiting for her to collect herself, began to lick her furiously. Sweet Jesus, her taste was like nectar of the gods. Her deep, familiar musk made his tongue tingle; Carter would freely admit that tasting his Peaches was what he loved most about being with her.

Granted, all elements of their sex life were fantastic, but he’d gladly eat her out for the rest of his life.

Kat groaned and gasped, she clutched him and muttered dirty words wrapped in love and pleading. She grew swollen and wet under his tongue and her hips moved with the rhythm he knew would have her calling out his name in mere minutes. Her head thumped against the door and, just as he slipped two fingers into her, she detonated.

Yes. That was what he lived for.