Obviously, dirty books are right up XOXO’s alley. Especially when they have amazing stories to go with the naughty bits! So of course we can’t wait for everyone to read The Dirty Book Club, the new book from Lisi Harrison (yes, that Lisi Harrison), in which four women come together to form a “dirty book” book club, and in the process find a lot more than they bargained for.

One of the best parts of the book is the reading list–Harrison lists out all the books the ladies in the club read over the course of the story–and there are some juicy ones to choose from! So she’s having a DBC of her own! The club read Judy Blume’s Forever in September, and of course, the October choice is The Dirty Book Club itself, on sale Oct. 10.



Here’s a special note from Lisi herself!

Prolong the pleasure of the Dirty Book Club by joining my real life club on Facebook at @LisiHarrisonTheDirtyBookClub. Each month I’ll pick a new naughty gem for us devour and discuss. If you know how we can incorporate martinis into the mix, please reach out. See you there!