Critically-acclaimed author Julia Kelly is back with a brand new historical romance series! Matchmaker Moira Sullivan works her magic for three Scottish society ladies who need a little help in the romance department—despite their protests that they know better. This charming first installment, THE LOOK OF LOVE, is on sale today, so make sure to download your copy now! And don’t forget to read Julia’s suggestions for binge-worthy Scottish romance tv shows, because let’s face it, we could all use a little hero in our lives.


From the soaring mountains of the Highlands to the wind-swept islands, Scotland offers a gorgeous backdrop for some of the best shows on television, whether you like to binge watch romance or drama.

Here are four TV shows to binge if you’re craving a taste of Scotland (and no judgments if you need to use subtitles):


If you like history with your romance… try Outlander

This is the hottest show on TV right now—literally. No show does sex better or more meaningfully than Outlander. If you aren’t familiar with it, the premise of the show sounds a little bonkers but I promise it makes for good romance. Claire, a woman living in post-World War II Britain, falls through time while on a trip to Scotland to repair her marriage to her husband Frank. Stuck in the eighteenth century and very out of place, she meets a young Highlander name Jamie. The strong-willed pair fall in love and many country-hopping adventures ensue. The show mixes historical setting with romance in a wonderful reflection of the books.


If soap operas and beautiful castles are your catnip… try Monarch of the Glen

It’s been a long time since I watched  and I have missed it so much. Archie, the heir to a rundown estate, Glenbogle, in Scotland, is tricked by his mother into coming back from London to try to save the family home. Archie is a soap hero so naturally his love life is a mess, and throughout the different seasons the laird is torn between several relationships with several women. My favorite, however, will always be Lexie, the estate’s feisty cook who really knows how to rock all of the early 2000s fashion trends.



If small town murder mysteries intrigue you… try The Loch

The Loch is the latest British murder drama trying to recreate the magic of Broadchurch (starring the always excellent David Tenant and Olivia Coleman), and it does it better than most. The premise is familiar—a bucolic loch-side town is shaken when the local piano teacher is found dead and soon the town’s dark secrets begin to surface—but the location shooting is so beautiful that you probably won’t care. Siobhan Finneran (O’Brien from Downton Abbey) is particularly good at the icy, tough major crime detective brought in from Glasgow to investigate.


If you love gritty crime dramas in urban settings… try Rebus

Ian Rankin’s Rebus books are fantastic, and it’s a lot of fun watching Edinburgh’s seedier side come to life on screen. John Hannah portrayed the heavy-drinking detective with a messy personal life for a season before Ken Stott took over for the following three. The show, just as the books, can be brutal and twisty sometimes and is perfect for crime fans looking for a grizzled procedural.