New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins is spilling her secrets! Well, hers, and other romance authors… Keep reading for an inside look at some habits that your favorite romance author might do while writing—we have a feeling a lot of you might relate!

I’ve been writing for, oh, a while now, and during that time I’ve become friends with a number of other romance writers. Over the course of dozens and dozens of midnight chats (some with wine, some without … ok, ALL with wine), I’ve learned that all Romance Writers secretly agree on these facts:

  • Romance Writers Are Finely Tuned Deadline Machines. We’re not. We’re really, really, REALLY not. I mean, we WANT to be, but we’re not. You see, writers have huge imaginations and those imaginations cannot be contained. Therefore, when deadlines loom, writers find themselves thinking of thousands – no, millions – of other things they could be doing. Things that will suddenly seem MUCH more fun than sitting in a chair in front of a computer. Things like plotting the next book, cleaning out old files, rearranging collectibles, baking cookies – it’s an endless list because of those huge imaginations. And thus, the struggle begins.
  • We Love Chocolate. I mean, we really, really love chocolate. As in, if you step into a room full of romance writers, and you are holding a bag of chocolate, don’t take chances. Throw it into the air, RUN to the nearest door, and escape. You don’t want to see what might happen if you stay.
  • We Hate Being Interrupted When We’re Working. I think I speak for all romance writers when I say, “This is a bald-faced lie.” We like being interrupted. We LOVE being interrupted. We ADORE being interrupted. Why? Because writing is a lonely business. It’s just us, our computers, the voices in our heads, and – if it’s really quiet – our own doubts. So a perky interruption like, say, getting an email from a reader or a comment on our Facebook page, will brighten a writer’s day. We LOVE being interrupted. Please do so, and often.

I hope you enjoyed these Top Secret Facts (all true!) and feel free to test these out on the next Romance Writer you happen across . . . just be careful with the chocolate.

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