Sometimes, authors’ stories are inspired by real-life events. But in Trinity Scott’s case, it was the opposite! Read on for the freaky coincidence she encountered when writing her first romance book in the Dark Net series, BLOOD AND LACE—coming soon from Pocket Star!

When I started researching for The Dark Net novels—originally titled the Wicked Web series—I had no idea how complex the subject matter truly was. 

The Dark Net and the Deep Web were foreign concepts to me at the time. What I did know was that I’d come across an article about the creators of the Silk Road (you should absolutely Google this if you aren’t familiar with it) being shut down right around the time I’d read about a man mistakenly kidnapping an intended victim’s identical twin sister. The two concepts converged in my mind and the series was born.

But holy naïve author, was I ever unprepared for how dark and depraved some of the inner workings of the Dark Net/Deep Web truly were.

There are things I cannot un-see or un-know now. I’ll spare you the gory details, but there is a world beneath the one we know, and it both intrigued and terrified me as I explored it. When writing Blood and Lace, I did my best to balance the romance between the characters and the depravity of the Dark Net in a way that made the story both realistic and compelling without becoming a stain on your soul.

Here’s the really crazy part. In the pitch to publishers, my twin’s names were originally Eden and Emerson Sterling. One of them was a lingerie model. Someone mentioned that the names were easy to mix up, so I changed Emerson to Chloe. This was in 2016.

Nearly a year later, an early draft of the book was completed and had been read by my critique partner. Months after that, she texted me this link and the words: Apparently the stories you write become real.

I am still shocked at the similarities.

A model named Chloe Ayling was kidnapped and nearly sold into sex slavery on the Dark Web.


Nearly a year after I’d pitched my version of very similar events.

It still blows my mind. And it’s my hope that it’s a sign that Blood and Lace is written in a realistic fashion that readers will appreciate and enjoy.