Gena Showalter, paranormal romance author-extraordinaire and New York Times bestseller, stopped by to rave about one of her favorites titles: DARK SWAN, out now! It’s the story of Lilica Swan—not quite human, not quite otherworlder—and the Alien Investigation and Removal agent who awakens a desire she’s never felt before.


I gotta say, Dark Swan is one of my favorite stories to date. Dark yet fun. Sizzling and adventurous. And okay, okay, the bromance between the irreverent Dallas (the hero) and power-hungry Devyn (the best friend) always makes me smile. Plus, I finally give readers closure for a storyline I started several books ago. (Trinity, queen of sex zombies, anyone?).

But, if I’m being honest, my favorite part of this favorite story is…drum roll, please…Lilica, the heroine. This girl had it bad, y’all. 

  • Created and raised in a lab–check. 
  • Studied and experimented on–check, check. 
  • Constantly forced to do despicable things in the name of science–mate. 

Little wonder she’s unwilling to trust anyone but her sisters and prone to episodes of startling violence. Yet, despite every horrible thing she’s been through, she’s strong and determined, kind to others, and oh, does she love her sisters. She knows the priceless value of a loved one, and she’s willing to die for all two of hers. Throughout the book, I just wanted to hug her!  

Since inserting myself into the story might have been frowned upon by my editor, I decided to give her something else. Not quite as good–cough cough–but nice all the same. I give her Dallas, one of the hottest heroes to enter my story world. But, um, opps! He might be a threat to her sisters. (My bad!). Their sexual chemistry is off the charts, and Lilica wants him like she’s never wanted another. Unfortunately, visions of the future tell her the POS is gonna take out one of her sisters. So, what better way to ensure he minds his manners than a shotgun marriage! Not just any marriage, but a bonding of souls. That way, what happens to one now happens to both.

Dallas has always been no strings, no cares, no frills bachelor. To suddenly find himself hitched, well, he wasn’t amused… but I sure was. So much fun–for me! To top it off, this bond comes with a price. Desire for the partner grows…and grows…until neither can think of anything else. 

Dark Swan is a story I really enjoyed working on. I didn’t drag my feet on the way to the computer. No, each and every morning I looked forward to messing with the characters all over again. And really, the Alien Huntress and Otherworld Assassins world is always a sandbox of delights. Otherworlders with amazing powers and all kinds of simmering sexiness? New and exciting weapons? A not so distant future with cool new gadgets and cars? Yep, sign me up.

I hope you enjoy reading Dark Swan as much as I enjoyed writing it.      

Download your copy today to find out if Dallas can resist his insatiable desire for the powerful beauty—or if she will lead to his ultimate downfall.