Looking for a new e-book series but not sure where to start? One of our XOXperts, Chrissy from Reading Past My Bedtime, did the dirty work for you and read CHANGING THE PLAY, the first book in The Game Changer series by Julia Blake! Check out her review below, and if you like what you read you can order it now from Pocket Star!

What an amazing start to a series! If you’re a lover of sports, and romance, then Changing the Play by Julia Blake is the book for you!

Rachel is the “It” girl in sports agents, she knows how to get the clients, and she’s fiercely protective of them. She takes care of her clients and she’s known for being ruthless in protecting them and getting them what they need. Her newest client, Kevin Loder, the soon to be breakout wide receiver in the NFL draft is a mystery to many people and Nick Ruben wants an exclusive interview. Problem is Nick and Rachel have history, and Rachel refuses to let anyone interview Keven before the draft is over.

Rachel and Nick are on opposite sides of the sports world, and both amazing at their jobs. Both want Kevin, and Nick is ruthless in what he will do to snag the interview, he needs it to save his job, and he wants to get close to Rachel as well. Rachel refuses to let Kevin do the interview but Nick squirms his way in and sparks fly between these two, but Rachel continues to try to protect Kevin as well as her heart. I loved watching Rachel try to resist Nick, especially knowing how she felt about him in high-school, but what she didn’t know was how he felt about her. Since we got to see Nick’s point of view in this book as well, we got to see his side of things as well which really helped develop this story as well. Nick was intimidated by Rachel way back then and is still intimidated by her now, but now, he’s not scared of her and is willing to do anything he can to finally get the girl he’s always wanted.

With their careers in their way, it’s difficult for both of them to turn off their jobs and allow them to explore the attraction they both have, but I was so happy when Nick finally wore Rachel down enough to agree to one date with him. The date he took her on? AMAZING and perfect for the two of them. Nick was relentless not only in his pursuit of his interview with Kevin, but more so in his pursuit of his relationship with Rachel. These two belong with one another, but it’s a long road for them to get to where they need to be. The fights, the missteps, the misunderstandings, the blowups all of the things that come up between these two make everything so much harder for the to find their happily ever after, but in the end it was definitely worth it.

The one character that really stood out to me in this book was Kevin though. I adored his character and everything he went through. Even though he was a secondary character in this book, the growth we got to see in his character in this book was amazing. When we got to finally see why Rachel was so protective of him my heart broke for him, and then seeing how he overcame it, and what he did to help Nick as well as himself overcome it was amazing. I loved Kevin and seeing how close he became with Rachel and Nick was beautiful. His parents were also amazing and brought humor into the story as well.

I have a feeling the rest of the series is going to be about Emma and Louise, Rachel’s friends and other agents in this book, and that makes me so happy, as they helped be the voice of reason to Rachel when she needed. Granted, they contradicted themselves many times, but they gave her the push she needed many times and were there for her when she needed them. Rachel and these girls are amazing and strong woman and are not push overs. Rachel didn’t go out looking for love, she’s strong, fierce, and takes no prisoners, and Nick was the perfect guy to balance her out. This was a beautifully written story that flowed perfectly and had amazing character development, and for a sports lover like me, had all the sports a girl could love! I can’t wait to see what else Julia Blake has in store for us in the Game Changer Series, because if it’s anything like Changing The Play, I can’t wait to read them!

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