Author Laura Griffin, a Texas native, was shaken by the damage that Hurricane Harvey did to her state. Read on to find out why she’s decided to donate her proceeds from September sales of her newest book, COVER OF NIGHT, to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. 

I’ve never seen a week like this. I grew up in Houston, where my parents live along Buffalo Bayou. After hunkering down for days of torrential rain, they ended up leaving their home in a boat. The dining room chairs were floating and the cars were underwater. I can’t even get my head around it yet, except to be grateful they are safe.

I watched the storm from Austin and have been keeping up with family and friends through phone calls, texts, and social media posts. I’ve been so moved by the amazing acts of kindness everywhere. As the floodwaters rose, people started helping people any way they could. A restaurant parking lot near Buffalo Bayou became a marina as people showed up with boats to get people out of flooded neighborhoods. People across the city offered shelter to friends and relatives, lent out vehicles, adopted pets. Stores were giving away food and supplies. A popular furniture chain threw open its doors, and people were sleeping in the showroom on sofas and mattresses. The outpouring of help and compassion across the region has been incredible.

I never imagined having a book launch in the aftermath of a natural disaster, but it is release week for my new book, COVER OF NIGHT. I am donating the author proceeds from September sales of COVER OF NIGHT to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. So, if you buy the book this month, or if you pre-ordered it, you’ll be helping displaced people in Texas and Louisiana. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.