Seriously, does anyone understand what actually happened last night? David Lynch might be a genius, but he’s got nothing on the happily-ever-after endings you can count on in a romance. That’s why we’ve compiled a few choice romances for those of you nursing Twin Peaks hangovers this morning!

Oh, Agent Cooper, lover of coffee and pie, determined to do the right thing even if it means hanging out in the Black Lodge for 25 years or so. But while Cooper’s still asking “What year is it?”, we’re looking to another stalwart FBI man to keep us safe and warm at night. Try Laura Griffin‘s Tracers series–one of our personal favorites is Twisted, starring FBI profiler Mark Wolfe as he hunts down a serial killer.







Or maybe you can’t resist a good girl with some bad-girl secrets? The show gives you a host of Laura Palmers to choose from (OR ARE THEY?). But fortunately good girl Skyler in Elle Kennedy‘s One Night of Sin comes to a happier end (nudge nudge wink wink) than poor Laura did!

WHAT HAPPENED TO AUDREY? We still don’t know. But what we do know is this lady is driven. If only she could have channeled her energies in more wholesome directions, we think she’d out-#Girlboss Sophia Amuroso and Ivanka Trump in no time. So, want a romance where the heroine just wants to get down to business? How about Laurelin Paige‘s Fixed on You? Alayna just wants to move up the management chain at the bar where she works…a much better use of her focus than her previous hobby, stalking her ex.

Was your favorite part of Twin Peaks the quirky characters who just appeared without explanation, and didn’t feel they had to explain anything like, oh, whispering to a log and insisting it talked back? (RIP Log Lady!) Then you’re ripe for the quirky fun of Molly Harper‘s Half-Moon Hollow romances. They feature vampires, yes, but no sparkles here! Try The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires to get you started.

Agggh! Even this picture of Bob freaks us out. But maybe you’re braver than we are, and love a romance where you don’t know who to trust. You’ll get lost in Karen Marie Moning‘s Fever series…especially Shadowfever, where Mac has to look evil in the eye–and hope she doesn’t see herself.

This list should give you enough happy endings to get you through…and if any of you can explain that Twin Peaks ending, tell us about it in the comments!