Idk about you, but we’re not doing okay after the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones. [Note: Captions have some mild spoilers–if you haven’t watched, turn back now!] Let’s help each other cope by looking at these sexy pictures of our favorite GoT guys (warning: it’s mostly Jon Snow).

Jon, brooding over the fact that he’s now in love with his Aunt.

Jorah, wishing it wouldn’t be weird for him and Dany to get it on.

Jaime, fighting for the wrong team but looking hot while doing it.

Jon again, brooding again. Le sigh.

Greyworm, swooning over Missandei. So cute…

Tormund, getting ready to eff some people up with that signature ginger fire (we’re about it).

Gendry, coming out of nowhere looking fine as hell.

Jon, one more time, just being the King of the North.


Daario, yum.

Khal Drogo, little crazy but still yum.

Robb, if only a Red Priestess could bring you back. We miss your brooding most of all. RIP & yum.