Nothing goes better with a sizzling-hot read than an ice-cold drink (preferably of the alcoholic variety). And New York Times bestselling author Jen Probst, master mixologist, is here to give you both! Read on for some of her favorite summertime cocktails, and don’t forget to grab your copy of her most recent romance, ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL, out now!


Ah, summer. The hot sting of the sun on your skin. The cool sensuality of the beach or pool water. The lazy, catlike stretch of muscles on a lounge chair. The intimate strains of music streaming through your ear buds.

And cocktails. Cold, frosty, fruity, delicious cocktails.

I love summer cocktails, and my creativity has no limit when I’m mixing up delicious concoctions at my pool house.

So grab that sexy beach read, turn up the music, and get ready to make some amazing cocktails for you and your friends to enjoy. I’ve included a nice range from sweet to tart, so let’s get this party started!


Blackberry Sangria

The power of a good Sangria should never be forgotten. I love them all, but this concoction uses my favorite fruit—blackberries. It tastes even better if you let all the ingredients sit overnight, but I’ve had guests rave about the flavor even after a few hours in the fridge. Oh, and I keep the ingredients at an estimate—the best way to make sure of measurements is by TASTING IT.

I know it’s a hard job but you gotta do it.

1 BIG bottle of red wine (I like Merlot)

½ cup of Blackberry Brandy

½ cup of Triple Sec

1 oz simple syrup

A nice splash of Blackberry or Black Cherry seltzer (or any flavor you like)

Muddled fresh blackberries

Slices of orange, lemon and lime

Any extra frozen fruit you happen to love


Tweak to taste!


Orange Crush

There hasn’t been a vodka I haven’t liked, but my newest love affair happens to be with the whipped cream variety. I’m addicted to this cocktail for a poolside party with friends.

½  cup (or however much you want) of Whipped Cream Vodka

1 cup of Mandarin Orange Seltzer

¼ cup Orange Triple Sec

3 Freshly Squeezed Oranges (Yes, you need to fresh squeeze them to get the best flavor)


Stick this baby in a cocktail shaker or make a big pitcher of it for guests. Or yourself.


Frozen Strawberry Basil Margarita

I have a fresh basil plant in my kitchen that grows leaves just so I can make this drink.

Don’t judge.

Another badass cocktail to show off your skills.

A big batch of chopped up FRESH basil leaves

A big batch of strawberries

1 – 2 cups of Tequila – any kind you like (get the good stuff!)

1 oz simple syrup

Squeezed lemon and lime juice

Splash of lemon or lime seltzer


Dump all this stuff into a big blender until it’s mixed to your liking. Again, adjust your ingredients to taste.


The Sweet Hot Chris

Yeah, I have to include my very own signature cocktail I created in my book, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE. Dubbed for all the HOT SWEET celebrity Chris’ out there—Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans—you get the drill. Uncork your champagne, throw on your Rachel Zoe coverup and glamorous sandals, and drink like a Rockstar. Cause…we are.

1 bottle of Brut champagne

Freshly squeezed clementines
Lemon vodka
Simple syrup (sugar and water)
Aromatic bitters
Fresh Rosemary

Since this drink is a little trickier, here are the proportions!

1 oz freshly squeezed Clementine juice
1 oz TBSP simple syrup
1 1/2 oz lemon vodka
1 1/2 oz Brut Champagne
4 dashes of aromatic bitters

Take a shaker with ice and combine clementine juice, simple syrup, vodka, and bitters. Shake it up. Add champagne and garnish with fresh sprigs of rosemary. (the rosemary does make a different to give it a nice flavor).  If you make a pitcher, throw in a whole bunch of rosemary and let it sit for a while so everything mixes together.

Then go find a hot Chris to help you drink it!

Happy Summer, my lovelies!