Jackie Collins is a romance author that we’ve long loved, adored, and worshiped–seriously, there’s a shrine to her in the XOXO break room–and we could NOT be more thrilled that two of her novellas have just come out in eBook! Now we can take Obsession and Power with us wherever we go. But we’re not alone in our Jackie love…

Richard Feifeld, author of The Flood Girlsshares his own story of how Jackie’s books saved his life, and why she’s still the only woman who’s ever captured his heart.

And the ladies of XOXO Afterdarkcast gush about Jackie’s Hollywood Husbands in in their quickie book club chat (so XXX rated, headphones are MANDATORY. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Jackie Collins: writer, hero, and all around inspiration. We here at XOXO are forever grateful.