At XOXO, we love a good romance, especially one that stands the tests of time. That’s why when we found out that we were reissuing PERFECT by Judith McNaught, we couldn’t help but start daydreaming about it. Who could we see as the spitfire—but still sweet—Julie? The daredevil, ruggedly handsome Zack? As our daydreams took over our desktops, we decided to come up with a list of the perfect (pun intended) cast for the two couples featured in PERFECT. Without further ado… here it is!

  1. Julia Roberts as Julie Mathison

Now, Julia Roberts is a classic leading lady that I think we can all get behind. From her iconic roles in PRETTY WOMAN to AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, her beauty, charm, strength, and grace have only grown with age. I can absolutely picture her as Julie Mathison. Only Julia Roberts could get away with being both a well-respected schoolteacher and falling in love with a fugitive on the run. She’s sweet but not too sweet. Spicy but not too spicy. And for that reason, she’s perfect for the role.

  1. Brad Pitt as Zack Benedit

Mmmmm. Brad Pitt. The most perfect leading man on God’s green earth. Personal scandals aside, I don’t think that we could find a better man to play one of Judith McNaught’s sexiest heroes. Think of Brad during his THELMA & LOUISE days: charming, dangerous, and oh-so-sexy.  Yup, only Brad Pitt could pull this character off.


  1. Ben Affleck as Matt Farrell

Matt Farrell, our leading man from PARADISE, makes yet another appearance in PERFECT—and we couldn’t be happier. The leading man with just the right blend of charisma, charm, and sex appeal, we didn’t think anyone else could do Matt justice.

  1. Amy Adams as Meredith Bancroft

Amy Adams is one of the most underrated actresses of our day. No, hear me out. She can play everything from a gorgeous princess in ENCHANTED to Lois Lane in SUPERMAN VS BATMAN, and I can’t think of a sweeter pairing than Amy and Ben Affleck. She can easily pull off the jaded outsider, yet still oh-so-classy vibe that Meredith’s known for. And for this reason, she’s perfect for the part.