If you’re a lover of rom-coms, you know that the best rom-coms have come out of the 90s.  You might say, what about the 80s? When Harry Met Sally? Say Anything? And yeah, those were great, but nothing comes close to the 90s because every one of these movies are the kind you stop and watch while channel flipping. Every. Single One.  Still don’t agree with me? Please see:

Exhibit A: Floppy haired, whoopsy daisy Hugh Grant

Exhibit B: Too hot for teacher Michael Vartan

Exhibit C: AOL Email dial up meet-cutes

Exhibit D: Young Paul Rudd!

 And of course: Our favorite 90s leading women:

Like I said, the 90s was the golden era of rom-coms.  Are you a Rom-com expert? Take Buzzfeed’s Quiz to find out or let us know in the comments what your favorite 90’s romantic comedy is!

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