Ever wondered how your favorite romance author became a romance author? One of our favorites Sabrina Jeffries shares a little about the process that took her from a down-trodden English Literature student to a tried-and-true romance master storyteller. Sabrina’s next novel, THE PLEASURES OF PASSION, goes on sale June 20th!

If you want to become a romance writer, here’s how not to do it.

Don’t be ashamed of having spent your early years reading them and dreaming of writing them. Don’t listen when teachers tell you that you need a “real” job to supplement your writing of what should be “real” books about the struggles of “real” life. And whatever you do, don’t pursue that job to its logical end before you acknowledge that your true love is genre fiction. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a Ph.D. in English literature, trying to turn a dissertation on James Joyce into a work of literary criticism so you can get a job as a professor, and sick to death of all of it.

That’s where I was the summer I turned twenty-nine—tired of writing about an author I no longer cared about and wondering how I’d ended up there when all I wanted was to write books I enjoyed.

Then I snapped. I can’t remember why (except maybe that having a summer in which to write an “important” work about Joyce so I could get a tenure-track position as a professor made me insane). All I know is I started writing a novel.

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