Rosé by any other name would still get us tipsy on something sweet, pink, and fabulous. Listen to Babe Walker, author of Thirsty, tell you how and when to enjoy your chilled bevvy. 

From Babe:


Hi, Psychos. It’s your long lost best friend, Babe Walker.


I decided last week that I wanted to write another book, so I ingested a literal armada of Adderall and shat one out. Just kidding. I don’t say “shat” in real life. The book is about this insane situation I got myself into and then got myself out of. I was called upon by the gods of wine to save my old schoolmate, Tina’s, wine company. I ran into her while on a really bad date in Napa and fate would have it that I turned out to be her literal savior from heaven because her little wine company was about to go under and my creative brilliance was exactly what she needed to resuscitate it lol. Honestly just read the fucking book to find out what happened. Spoiler: I’m a genius.


It’s about wine. So, here’s a list of my fave things to do while drinking rosé:



The special, rare type of pilates that I practice is much less sweaty than the normal pilates people do after they get off their assistant job. My instructor, Ruth, created no-impact, no movement style of pilates that allows me the liberty of drinking a glass of cold rosé because I basically just sit in the splits for an hour straight. Try it.



Everyone already knows that Uber rides are for drinking rosé so I almost feel dumb telling you this.


Handmaid’s Tale

I hope you watch this show and I hope you watch this show drunk because fuck, it’s so intense. Like so intense. Like so so so so so intense. And rosé, in my humble opinion, is the only alcoholic beverage that pairs well with watching television because it doesn’t put you to sleep like whiskey, make you insane like tequila, or make you sad like beer.



I sometimes take short-interval naps with rosé breaks in between each ten minute-interval. Hear me out: before you fall asleep for your mid-morning nap, set 4 alarms on your phone with ten minutes between each. Every time you wake up, drink 1/4 glass of freezing cold rosé and then go back asleep until your next alarm/rosé break. You’ll wake up feeling like a new person. A new, happier person.


Read ‘Thirsty’

I literally wrote this book as a side dish to a bottle of rosé. Its short, and packs a chic little punch on every page. AND its narrative arc is designed to pair with a bottle of rosé. Enjoy at the beach, on a roof, in an über to the airport, on a flight, etc. I don’t care.


Enjoy, psychos!!!!!!


Love you, mean it.