We brought in one of our XOXperts to share with you three books that she knows will leave you wanting more…

Looking for books that get you hot and bothered? You want ones that you can’t put down, can’t stop thinking about when you finish, and ones that once you finish you want to pick right back up, flip to those dog eared pages and re-read again?

Lexi Blake’s Arranged (#13.5 Masters & Mercenaries series) is one of those books– you might even find your partner and take him/her for a spin! The Masters and Mercenaries series typically features the males as the lead Doms but in Arranged you follow the Domme, Dayita, who leads Kash, the King, away from the throne. A woman who is strong in her own skin and knows what she likes in the bedroom and commands that of a male is super sexy, sizzling and “Oh” so arousing!

“Tell me I can lick you. Tell me I can suck you and

Run my tongue all over you. Tell me I can make you come

For me, my Queen.”

MC bad boy bikers get my motor running, how about you? Tattooed, muscled, bearded, especially with blue/green eyes… men who take care of their ol’ ladies, pleasing them in all things. Okay okay, it’s warm in here! Wild Ride by Chantal Fernando is part of her Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club seriesTalon, Prez of the Wild Men MC, and Tia have a connection so undeniable that you wish you had Talon’s claws sunk into you… literally! Both fight their attraction for one another until they no longer can hold back and when they can’t hold back… WATCH OUT! Scenes of sweat, action and heavy breathing… look no further! This short little novella will leave you yearning for more, for “Oh” so much more!

“Am I gonna find you wet?”

I ask, biting on her earlobe.

“Yes, Fuck me, please, Talon!”

Ever dated someone in the same workplace? Did you want to take it to another level, maybe after hours or even the spontaneous during hours? Two Hollywood agents with sexual chemistry that is unmistakable but who can’t seem to leave pushing and shoving out of the office gives you one heck of a tingle! Dating you/Hating you by Christina Lauren is a fantastic enemies-to-lovers romance filled with angst, sharp wit and sexual tension that will make you want to take your partner, shove them up against the wall and take no prisoners! The lust and attraction between Carter and Evie hits you in all the right places…know what I mean? An explosive “Oh” that will leave you fired up!

“Like whether you should kiss me or punch me…”

“It’s a daily struggle.”