#1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole stopped by to share with us the inspiration behind Abyssian, the sexy king of hell from WICKED ABYSS. Get to know the hero of this Immortals-After-Dark homage to Beauty & the Beast, and don’t forget to pick up a copy today!

Abyssian Infernas, King of Pandemonia and All Hells, esteemed member of the Møriør alliance of primordials

Likes: War. Strife. Bloody combat. His Møriør allies and his home realm of Hell. His battle-ax and his enchanted castle. [Grudgingly—his mate’s ingenuity, smart mouth, willowy figure, and courage]

Dislikes: The fey, fey realms, fey customs, fey food, fey royalty, his treacherous fey mate. Mystical curses. 

My inspiration for beastly Abyssian was sparked years ago when I came across an illustrator’s depiction of Illidan Stormrage, a demonic character from the Warcraft video game series.

In this particular image, monstrous Illidan–a male built for battle with horns, wings, and fangs–sits all alone as he stares at a fragile flower. I was moved by the vulnerability in his expression. Such a bloodthirsty demon appeared contemplative, even . . . broken-hearted. BOOM. As soon as that thought occurred, questions arose in a rush. Who broke his heart? How would he behave if someone came upon him and saw how vulnerable he was? Would he be gruff? Or murderous?

Could anyone, perhaps a delicate fey female, put all the pieces of his monstrous heart back together? What if she’d broken it in the first place???

After that, I couldn’t get the idea of a forlorn beast/demon out my head (demonic possession is the stuff of truth, people!) I was working on another book at the time and had several more in line to be written (ain’t that always the way??), but I knew that one day I’d write about a war-loving demon who secretly aches for his mate to come save him from his own loneliness.

When I finally got to work on WICKED ABYSS, I pinned to my monitor that picture of Illidan with his flower. Though I changed his features somewhat, I hope I translated the image’s contradictions into King Abyssian’s personality.

In keeping with the looks-can-be-deceiving theme, Abyssian’s heroine appears helpless, pampered, and as fragile as Illidan’s flower—but Lila Barbot possesses a backbone of steel. (Hold onto your ass, demon).

Abyssian and Lila’s love story is out today! I hope you enjoy. If you get a chance, please leave a review on retailer sites or shoot me a message on Twitter or Facebook. Happy reading!