Linda Howard, the New York Times bestselling “queen of romantic suspense,” is back. BLUE MOON, her latest ebook (out today!) will take you out to the steamy bayou, where sexy Sheriff Jackson Brody finds his murder mystery isn’t the only thing getting crazy under the full moon, as he falls under the spell of a sultry and mysterious woman. Linda shares her inspirations for the novel below!


BLUE MOON came about because I became interested in three different things at once.

The first to tickle my fancy was a place in south Alabama where the only way to deliver mail was by boat. It’s a swampy, slightly dangerous way to live, having your life is governed by the water.

The second thing was auras. A friend and I, to research a couple of things we were working on separately, went to a psychic fair to perhaps get some ideas. There was so much to see, but what captured our attention was a man taking photos of people’s auras and then explaining those visible auras to them. Intrigued, we watched him for a while, and that was when I got the idea of having a heroine who could see auras and diagnose illnesses, among other things, by the color of auras.

Third, I wanted a hero whose name was Jackson. You might think I could name any hero Jackson, but that is just not how my brain works. The character has to fit the name and vice versa. He had to be from Texas, and he had to be in law enforcement. My brain would have it no other way.

You can see how that all fits together, right? A hero named Jackson and a heroine who can see auras and lives in a swamp accessible only by boat. It’s so self-evident it practically wrote itself!