at-balthazarOK, so it’s not quite Thursday yet, but we could still use a drink. How about this gorgeous little pick-me-up? It’s called Le Balthazar, and it was created to celebrate the publication of AT BALTHAZAR, which is like if a restaurant could write its own memoir. In this case, it’s the famous New York bistro, Balthazar, which happily had author Reggie Nadelson to commemorate all the ins and outs, the scandals and triumphs, the food and the fabulous patrons, from the front of house to the darkest corners of the kitchen. If you love food writing, or travel writing, or just want inspiration for your next dinner out, you’ll want to snap it up!

Watch the video below to learn how to make Le Balthazar yourself…have one on us!


Want even more goodies? Watch Chef Shane make the World’s Best Grilled Cheese: