a-perfect-gentleman-9781501141584_lgNew York Times bestselling author Candace Camp is back with a new historical romance, and A PERFECT GENTLEMAN is as sexy as it is thrilling! After fleeing for home years before, Abigail Price returns to her arranged husband Graeme as a different woman. She is no longer the dull girl Graeme refused on their wedding night, but a charming and audacious woman who stirs in him a steamy lust that drives him to chase her all over London. Graeme struggles with his burning desire, fearing that Abigail is back to destroy him … Or has she returned to win him over?

Below, Candy imagines bringing A PERFECT GENTLEMAN to Hollywood.

More than any book I’ve written, A PERFECT GENTLEMAN is one I would love to make into a movie.  Casting it is easy.  For Graeme, Lord Montclair, the (almost) perfect gentleman, I’d choose David Giuntoli, of the TV series Grimm.  He has that unique blend of being unbelievably gorgeous and giving off the vibe of an all-around nice guy.


Opposite him, I’d cast Jaimie Alexander.


I confess I’ve never seen any of the movies she’s in, but she looks so exactly right for Abigail, the American heiress Graeme reluctantly married. Can’t you see her sweeping into London after a ten year absence and turning Graeme’s tidy world upside down?

From the very beginning, I envisioned the British actress Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) as Graeme’s grandmother, the dowager countess who rules the family with an iron hand.


Filming locations? That’s easy—places like these:


Last but not least—and maybe best of all—the costumes! I wouldn’t want to have to wear those clothes, but, oh, wow, were they ever gorgeous.