New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart pops by to share with us what she absolutely must have if she were stranded on an island. One of those items: her new book THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE, the first of the Hudson Sisters Series, in which three sisters, who only just found out about each other, attempt to fulfill their father’s dying wish.

9781501165351I’ve been fascinated by the idea of being stranded on a deserted island since I read Robinson Crusoe when I was in fifth grade. Back then, my list of take-alongs probably would have included my bff Jo Ellen, a crate of black and white notebooks to write stories in, all of the Anne of Green Gables books and the entire series of Nancy Drew books. My dog. An endless supply of my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. Iced tea (still a fav). And practical things, like a knife to crack open coconuts and a fishing pole. And a freezer full of burgers.

These days, I’d take along writing materials – a truckload of Claire Fontaine notebooks, pens, and of course my addiction to mechanical pencils must be fed, so a ton of those. I’d still bring Anne Shirley along for when I was feeling nostalgic. And I’d still want my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. And iced tea, though I’d toss a few bottles of wine in there as well. Oh, and cases of bottle water – why take a chance on contamination? It goes without saying I’d take along a personal chef. 

I’d want all the music I ever downloaded, Hamilton, lots of classic rock, and everything Springsteen ever recorded (hey, I’m a Jersey girl).  

I’d bring a ton of books – all my favorite romances and my favorite thrillers.

And of course, I’d want my books with me. Especially THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE, the first in my all new Hudson Sisters series. It goes on sale today – March 21 – so I might want to postpone that island trip so I can thank everyone who goes onto my FB page to tell me they picked it up. I love my readers, so I’d definitely stick around for that. 

Oh, and I’d bring along the entire cast of Game of Thrones (except, you know, Ramsey Bolton. Oh, and the Mountain – he scares me). There’d be no TV and I’d really hate to miss the last two seasons if I’m stranded through 2018. Besides, I’d probably get to ride a dragon – that’s something on my bucket list, so that would be great.

I’d have to reconsider bringing along my bff, though. With the cast of GoT on the island with me…I might not want to share, if you get my drift, and what happens on the island is definitely going to have to stay on the island.