9781501152313We love this new debut author! L.D. Crichton, author of THE ENCHANTMENT OF EMMA FLETCHER, gives you a glance into the brain of a romance writer– and you might be surprised by what you learn! And don’t forget to check out THE ENCHANTMENT OF EMMA FLETCHER. It’s out today!

Writers are a different kind of people all together, but romance writers… oh… we should come with a warning label! Here are 5 things that may surprise you about romance writers.

1. We are so busy crafting characters and their stories, building worlds and filling plot holes, that we often forget to do basic things. Really basic things, like: eating, sleeping, or showering. So while you may be reading about a powerhouse female CEO of a fortune five hundred company who dresses in Prada, chances are VERY high that when we wrote her, we were dressed in Pra-DOWN: sweat or yoga pants, topknots and if we’re really lucky, a clean t-shirt that the mystic laundry fairies somehow managed to fold and put away in between our writing sessions.

2. We fall in love with our hero every single time we write a new book. Every time. It’s true. This is, without question, one of my favorite things about being a romance writer. Who doesn’t want to spend a large portion of their life falling in love over and over again? The best part is, these relationships often end amicably with no hard feelings, so there is nothing to lose and much to gain.

3. Like any writer, if you saw our google search histories, you may question our sanity. We google places and settings, foods, culture, historical facts, flowers, brand names, music, pictures of women for inspiration, pictures of men for inspiration, cars, horses, beaches, houses. And sometimes we google more sinister things. Drug use. Crime. How much blood is in the human body? How long before hypothermia sets in? If someone sustained a traumatic brain injury, what could happen? Point is: We. Google. Everything.

4. Every good romance writer can easily provide multiple alternate ways to talk about: kissing, touching, moaning, shaking, aching, wanting, caressing, sex (all kinds), body parts (all of them) and expressions of ecstasy in general. For the really odd time we find ourselves coming up short, please see point number 3.

5. Just because we’ve written about it, doesn’t mean we’ve done it, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t either… sometimes for the sake of getting the scene right or if we’re feeling particularly curious or adventurous, we try it because lets be real, more often than not, our significant others eagerly volunteer to help us out. But there are also those times where our significant others come to us, holding our book out, tattered and with dog-eared pages to ask us: “Want to try this?” We promptly read the marked pages of our own words and attempt to keep our expressions impassive while we burst their hopeful bubble by saying: “Not a chance.”