We had so many great entries in our JULIET’S ANSWER sweepstakes! While not everybody could win, we wanted to spread the love by asking author Glenn Dixon–who worked as one of “Juliet’s secretaries” in Verona, Italy–to use his expertise to answer some of the best questions we received. Take it away, Glenn!

I would first like to thank everyone who wrote in. Your questions brought me right back to my time with the famous secretaries of Juliet.  There were some really heartfelt entries and even though I can’t answer all of you here, I hope that the act of writing itself was a salve for your soul. 




Tigress1981 wrote:

I almost ended my engagement after nearly 3 years together for a coworker who was sweet and sparked my attention. The coworker was cute, sweet, and a fun flirt. When I got home I looked my fiance in the eyes and saw our future together…him playing with our future kids. I couldn’t let that go. I immediately stopped flirting back with the coworker but didn’t try to avoid him. Now, 3 kids and 15 years later, it was the best decision I ever made.

Dear Tigress1981,

Your words have wisdom in them. Love is more than physical attraction. It is choosing to be with the person who will make your life better, not only in the moment but in the far-flung future. A strong love comes not only from the heart but equally from the mind. It was indeed the best decision you could have made.


DKahn28 wrote:

My only child who was 22 years old and the very center of our lives and our love was run over by a bus and killed over 7 years ago. My husband and I had trouble communicating at the beginning and it was a difficult and long hard road to be on. We didn’t talk we fought I cried. He left me I left him. I became deeply depressed and so did he. Finally we came through it. We found out that our love for our son and each other held us together and keeps us fighting for what’s right and to help make the world a much better place.


Dear Dkahn28,

Only rarely in all my time as a secretary of Juliet have I seen letters as tragic as this. I am so sorry for your loss and yet there is something important here. Through all the years of grief you came to see that it was your love – for your husband and your son – that pulled you (and them) through. It’s important to say that we sometimes place romantic love on too high a pedestal and forget that real love is something much larger than that, something at the very heart of what it means to be human. It is, as you say, the very thing that makes the world a better place.


Thank you to everyone who shared such meaningful comments with us and with Glenn. If your question wasn’t answered, you might like to write to the Club di Giulietta itself, which you can do here. (And it turns out you can email Juliet too! Write to dearjuliet@julietclub.com.)