juliets-answerThe ladies of the Darkcast went to the romance source this week–Juliet herself! Well, sort of…we brush up our Shakespeare, including that most famous of love stories, Romeo and Juliet, before talking to a very special guest: Glenn Dixon, one of “Juliet’s secretaries” who answer the thousands of letters left under a particular Veronese balcony. Glenn’s memoir, JULIET’S ANSWER, is a beautiful story of love and heartache and eventually, a happily-ever-after. We wrap up with a game of “place that Shakespeare quote”–think you could beat us?

Shakespeare warns us that the course of true love ne’er did run smooth…and that the best conversations happen after dark.

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Notes to Juliet, stuck to the walls of the courtyard where “her” balcony still stands.

And as promised, here’s the link to the “segretaria di giulietta“! If you decide to go, tell ’em Glenn and XOXO After Dark sent you :).