Is there anyone else out there wondering where their one true love is? (hi! you’re not alone!!) Well weirdly enough a man felt that way too and decided to do something about it. The man we’re talking about is Glenn Dixon, author of Juliet’s Answer. Tired of feeling like love wasn’t in the cards for him, Glenn make the bold decision to quit his job as a high-school English teacher and move to Verona, Italy to volunteer his time to answering letters to Juliet.

Wait, that’s a real thing?

Yes, it is!


Glenn spend months answering letters to Juliet in an attempt to heal his own heartbreak and to find a cure for loneliness. What he discovers about love, and about himself, will change his life forever.

Now Glenn is here to give you the love advice you never knew you needed! For the chance to win your own personalized answer to a love letter “from Juliet” all you have to do is tell us about your love troubles in the comments section below! The winner will also receive a copy of Juliet’s Answer.

Sweepstakes ends on 2/17.  Open to U.S. residents only. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here.

Want to know more? Listen to our interview with JULIET’S ANSWER author Glenn Dixon here!