9781501145391Keke Palmer’s (Scream Queens and Grease Live) new book I Don’t Belong To You— is an inspirational guide that encourages young people to change their mindset and live with more freedom, confidence, and love as they navigate the rough terrain of the twenty-first century.

This book might be for the Millennials, but there is plenty of knowledge that is perfect for everyone.  Here are 5 ways we learned to love ourselves and others.

The Greatest Healing Power Is Love For Each Other


So often in our world we allow the societal “standard” to turn us into robots. We should encourage individuality in one another because that’s how we get closer to who we are meant to be. It’s trial and error in life, and there’s nothing wrong with someone who is still “figuring it out.”


There is no reason we should feel ashamed or less confident when we don’t look like we are walking in a runway show twentyfour/seven. It’s very beautiful to be secure and confident in ourselves, even if we don’t fit, or even if we defy the typical standards of beauty.


Everyone has a beautiful smile. I know everyone wants perfect teeth, but I promise you, snaggle-toothed, gap-toothed, toothless, braces, or WHATEVER, I have never seen an ugly smile if it was offered up without any fear or insecurities.


To be kind is to be open, and to be open is to connect. Making connections is what life is all about! That’s what makes the world a beautiful place!

#5: JOYOUSLY YOU. Just you, a beautiful creation brought to this earth to serve a purpose. You are interest-ing and different and I feel that that’s the most beautiful thing of all. There is only one you, and only ONE me. THAT is magical!