On February 7th #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to her beloved Hollows series with THE TURN, the official prequel to the series that will introduce you to a whole new side of Rachel Morgan’s world as you’ve never seen it before! Having created a fantastical world of supernatural people and creatures, Harrison would certainly know how the most fabulous witches and demons are dressing themselves, and now she wants to share some out-of-this-world style tips with you! Read on to learn more… 

The well-dressed Witch

The modern witch, held down for so long out of fear of being exposed, explodes into fashion in the mid sixties, embracing the idea that no hemline is too short, no color too bold. Makeup is focused around the eyes with heavy eyelashes and red lips. Stripes, geometric patterns, and solid contrasting block of color abound saying “I am here. See me.” theturn_witch

Hairstyles shorten right alone with the hemlines, and trendsetters sport a new pixy cut to further their carefree style. Colored tights are accompanied by soft-soled baby-doll shoes to give a feeling of innocence or high-heeled boots to impart a look of confidence. Wooden amulets disguised as jewelry and wide belts able to hide a spelling knife insist that the modern witch is not to be discounted.

The older witch not having the legs to pull off the younger scene can still flaunt her independent mindset with big, sweeping hair and pantsuits or culottes in pastels or small, vibrant patterns. The maxi dress gets a makeover as well with bold prints and psychedelic shapes.

The professional witch in the boardroom is still confined to suits and ties of the fifties, but again, wider lapels and a daring, tighter fit bring a new polish and make the statement that witches will not be downtrodden again.

End Fragment.

Well-Dressed Witch: I am here. See Me

  • Heavy eyelashes and red lips
  • Hairstyles shorten with the hemlines
  • Colored Tights
  • Soft-soled baby-doll shoes or high-heeled boots
  • Wide belts

The well-dressed Demon

The well-dressed demon in the sixties is the height of the extremes depending upon his mood. A happy demon satisfied that his summoner will soon be his slave looks the part of the sophisticated swinger wearing crushed green velvet, his highly tailored coat having wide lapels and mounds of lace at his throat and cuffs. Round, tinted glasses and perhaps a metallic peace-sign ley-line amulet might grace him, along with gloves that would seem effeminate if not for covering heavy, thick hands. Matching trousers with a softly flaring hem, shiny leather boots with blunt tips and low heels accent the late sixties, swinger British look. theturn_demon

An unhappy demon will show it by appearing as an aged hippie sporting rope sandals if not going completely barefoot. Long, open-arm sleeveless vest made of natural fibers is a favorite choice, extending well below his knees in a free-spirited fashion. Tiny bells or ribbon might decorate the hem, the simple pattern possibly covering the entire vest.

An unadorned long-sleeve shirt and wide-flared jeans almost go unnoticed behind the casual, devil-may-care style. Long, unkempt hair held back by a headband and an even longer, straggly beard make a strident if somewhat ugly statement that what others consider beautiful doesn’t matter. Tinted glasses and perhaps a peace sign might linger to warn one of the danger he represents. Heavily caked eyeliner to accent the demon’s naturally goat-silted eyes is common.

Well-Dressed Demon:

  • Tailored coat with wide lapels, crushed velvet
  • Rounded glasses
  • Peace sign necklace