Need something to keep you warm on these chilly winter nights? MAKE ME LOVE YOU by Johanna Lindsey is the perfect solution! Brooke Whitworth is determined to make Lord Dominic, “The Wolf,”  fall in love with her in order to end the feud between their two families. But what she doesn’t plan on is falling in love with him herself…. MAKE ME LOVE YOU is available in mass market today and wherever books are sold! Read on for a steamy excerpt…

Brooke awoke to find herself twisted all around Dominic, but he was likewise twisted around her. How the deuce had they slept like this?

Brooke realized she must have turned toward him in her sleep because her head was tucked between his arm and his chest. One of his legs was stretched out with his foot outside their cubbyhole, but it had stopped raining. His other leg was bent between hers. She was sure that her leg on which his was resting was quite numb. But she was hesitant to move and find out because she was going to be utterly mortified if he woke and found her positioned this way—cuddled up to him as if she wanted to be sleeping this close to him.

“You slept through the noise.”

She squeezed her eyes shut as if that might stop the color from shooting up her cheeks. “What noise?” she squeaked, thinking of the ghosts he’d mentioned.

“The horses bred during the night.”

Her eyes flared. “They did?!”

He leaned up on his elbow, which made her head slide down to his forearm but allowed him to look down at her. “You’re not displeased?”

“On the contrary. I intend to own my own horse farm someday. This will be a good start.”

“Who says you get to keep the foal? I charge five hundred pounds to stud Royal.”

“Since I didn’t contract for that, and it’s your fault for not hobbling your stud for the night, you can forgo that charge.”

“Is that so?” He ran the back of a finger slowly along her cheek. “But husbands and wives find other ways to negotiate.”

“We’re not—” Married yet got lost under his mouth.

She didn’t try to turn her face away, not with her future horse farm apparently at stake. Then she stopped thinking about that altogether.

The taste of him was intoxicating. She parted her lips, letting in his tongue. Her hand curled around his neck under his queue, gently caressing him. His moved down her neck to her chest and hovered over one of her breasts. He merely slid his palm over the tip, making her nipple peak and sending tingling sensations all the way down to her toes. Only then did his fingers close around her breast and squeeze gently.

She might have gasped, his hand felt so nice there. She might have asked him not to stop. But, in any case, his kisses deepened and turned more passionate. His knee rose up between her legs until it pressed against the apex of her thighs. She did gasp this time but it was lost under his mouth. The pleasurable sensation he’d just evoked stayed with her, though, and she felt the strongest urge to rub her body against his. Thrilled and overwhelmed as his tongue thrust in and out of her mouth and his hand caressed her breasts, she felt urges that made no sense to her clambering through her body. Yet they were so confined in this narrow space with no room to maneuver, no room to get at what she wanted. She was trapped with him leaning over her, but he could actually . . .

Suddenly the kissing stopped.

“No, as much as you might want me to, I’m not going to make love to you. If I do, you’ll never leave Rothdale.”

It took her a moment to realize that he was boasting about his sexual prowess. He’d even smiled when he said it! She raised a brow. “You think you’re that good in bed?”

“In bed, so I’ve been told. In this decidedly primitive place?” He shrugged, but still said, “Probably.”

She felt like laughing or hitting him with something. Was he serious or just teasing her again? The smile suggested the latter, and she thought again that he must be feeling more comfortable with her, might even be starting to like her a little. But it was a brief thought. Considering everything said and done, she had to doubt it. Then she gasped. Had he just accused her of lusting after him?