Are you a fan of Kim Harrison’s bestselling urban fantasy series, The Hollows ? If so, you’re in luck! THE TURN, the prequel to the series, is out February 7th (and we’re so excited)! To prep for the release, here are five details about THE TURN to tide you over until the book goes on sale.


  1. It’s anything other than love at first sight for Trent’s parents, Trisk and Kal, but after a night in a horse barn, it’s still unclear who seduced who.
  2. Takada isn’t even out of high school at the Turn, but his music career had already hit a dead end thanks to his mom until a plague catapults his odd style out of the bars and into the big venues.
  3. Detroit was destroyed by the coven of moral and ethical standards during the Turn due to vampires and witches breaking the silence. Cincinnati might have gone the same way if not for a forward-thinking undead vampire, Piscary.
  4. Nothing bad ever happens without Big Al laughing about it, but Trisk just might be his match when it comes to clever wording of contracts.
  5. Kal has a soft spot for pixies, so much so that he would rather drive three days to cross a continent by car than spend six hours doing it by plane without her.


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