reason-to-believe-coverNew York Times bestselling author Roxanne St. Claire’s Reason to Believe is the perfect mix of sexy and suspenseful. Arianna Killian is an engaging TV psychic and hostess of the popular show Closure where she is able to give guests one last conversation with a lost loved one. When she starts to have vivid visions of a brutal murder, Arianna believes she’s vulnerable to a killer who fears her clairvoyance, so she seeks protection from the elite security firm The Bullet Catchers.

Chase Ryker is well equipped to guard Arianna, as long as this pragmatic man of science isn’t expected to believe his client is anything more than a sophisticated guesser with a clever party skill. Regardless of who’s right about what’s real, Chase and Arianna battle a surprising magnetism that proves that opposites indeed attract. While they do, they must also adjust everything they believe about themselves and each other in order to stop a killer who will do anything to ensure Arianna doesn’t receive the truth from the other side.

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SUBJ: you don’t fool me
DATE: 01.19

great show tonight, ari. you did it all, sweetheart. you threw out bait and reeled in fish like the pro we both know you aren’t. you even got that bald fool to cry over

his dead cousin. fucking amazing, that’s what you are. all sparkles and smiles, TV’s darling. you might get a raise. then you can move out of that little house and get a big mansion like all the other phony deadtalkers who hit the big time. oh, yeah, i know where your house is, ari. i’ve been there. 9302 hillside avenue. right above the place where john belushi died. but you know that. you

probably talk to him all the time, don’t you? ha ha. it’s only a matter of time until the truth is out, ari. you’re a fake. how long can you fool everyone? not much longer. your days are numbered. then the truth will be out and you will be finished.