Keeping Score coverThe ladies of XOXO After Darkcast talk sports again…wait, wait, don’t hang up. Even though we are not the most athletic of women, we can still appreciate a sports moment as momentous as the Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series! We chat about where we watched, what we love about underdog stories, and welcome Producer Diana as our special guest co-host.

Then we interview Sara Rider, author of the Perfect Play series of sports-themed romances (buy ’em below!). We love that in Sara’s world, the women are the hard-core pro athletes, and they’re paired with men who love and respect that intensity. Sara talks to us about flipping gender tropes in romance, the challenges facing women driven to excel in athletics and other male-dominated fields, and about her own experiences as a serious athlete. So get off the bench, we’re waving you in to listen to this podcast!