The Operator by Kim Harrison is the second novel in the Peri Reed Chronicles, an intense science fiction thriller from the author of The Hollows series. High stakes, intense action scenes, and time jumps made the Operator an addictive addition to The Peri Reed Chronicles.

Poor Peri, due to genetic markers that allow her to draft, complicated by her handlers’ abilities to erase her memories, she now finds herself hiding after quitting. Both Opti and the CIA want her on their team, but both have their agendas making Peri very much their pawn. Peri may be the ultimate weapon, but she isn’t going down without a fight.

While Harrison does an excellent job of refreshing readers, I recommend these books be read in the order of their release. The beginning started a little slow for me, but it was neat seeing what our girl Peri was doing with herself. The story began to take off for me at the thirty percent mark when Bill, with his newest Drafter, Michael tries to bring Peri back into Opti with the promise of not being dependent on an Anchor. After a near escape, she reaches out to Silas, and the two soon find themselves unwillingly assisting the CIA. Poor Peri, she wants out, and all sides are determined to have her, and neither would be beneficial to her. The tale that unfolds has twists, turns and hold your breath moments as Peri must use her wits against both opponents and time is running out.

I found the storylines of The Operator more intense than those of The Drafter. We have intrigue, treachery and action-packed scenes that will leave you breathless. Peri interacts with friends and co-workers from the past and new acquaintances as she tries to determine who is her ally and who has their own agenda. Allen, Bill, Helen and Michael are pretty obvious but then there is Jack. Jack the hallucination and Jack the man, her former Anchor, betrayer, and lover. Secondary characters are developed enough that readers will become emotionally involved from fearing them or caring to utter loathing.  Harrison provides some of their points of view which had validated Peri’s concerns.

Peri is truly tested in The Operator. The hook to come back into the fold that Opti dangles is something that Peri wants. We get a taste of Peri’s strengths and brilliant mind now that she is free of Opti. The obstacles she faces only prove how truly badass she is. The last three-fourths of the book had me holding my breath as Peri faced trials, deceit, and danger. Harrison also fed my inner nerd between medical advancements, the Mantis, and the drafts, but she keeps it simple enough that even non-science fiction fans will delight in the thrills of this suspenseful storyline.

Fans of The Hollows series will be excited to learn there is a sneak peek at the back of the book of The Turn scheduled for 2017 release. The Operator wrapped up in a good place, but I am eager to return for more.