In Samantha Joyce’s second book in the Love in Disguise series, now available from Pocket Star, she gives readers an inside look into the ‘villain’ from book one, Flirting with Fame–and all is not what it seems to be. Check out her listicle below of Sam’s favorite big and small screen bad boys and girls! 

Confession time: I’m fascinated by fictional villains. In fact, I usually find myself drawn to their stories more often than those of the heroes. I want to know what made them that way, to find out if they can be redeemed (or if they are beyond redemption, whether they will face consequences for their actions).

That is why I chose to write DEALING IN DECEPTION from Veronica’s point of view. If you read FLIRTING WITH FAME, you’ll know she was the villain of that book, and you may wonder what could possibly drive me to build an entire book around her. But like my fascination with the more famous fictional villains, I wanted to discover what made her tick, and I wanted to know if she could ever be redeemed (the book is out this week if you want to find out for yourself).

When writing Veronica, I looked to other villains for inspiration. Some were redeemable, some were not. But so many of them had one thing in common: they were unquestionably hot. In that vein, I present my list of who I believe to be the hottest villains of our time:

7. Loki, Thor, The Avengers

(Tom Hiddleston)












Okay, yes, Loki can be a bit whiny sometimes, but he has great hair. And that green leather costume is pretty hot (Note: leather is always a benefit when you are the bad guy. It’s like a tell or something that you’ve gone rogue). Plus, Loki’s brother is also pretty hot, so you know, you are that much closer to Thor if you cozy up to Loki.

6. Captain Hook, Once Upon A Time

(Colin O’Donoghue)


This man is not at all how I pictured Captain Hook as a kid, but that is just fine. With the smoky eyes and leather outfit (yes, more leather! Bad guy giveaway, like I said before). I would follow him to Never Never Land and probably further.

5. Khan, Star Trek: Into Darkness

(Benedict Cumberbatch)










There is something about Benedict Cumberbatch in this role. Maybe it’s those piercing blue eyes, the razor sharp cheekbones, the tight black outfit, the super smart mind… whatever it is, Cumberbatch’s Khan definitely makes my list. And if you’ve never checked out the cut shower scene from that movie, you should go do that now. I’ll wait.

4. Eric Northman, True Blood

(Alexander Skarsgard)














I actually read the Sookie Stackhouse books before seeing the television show, and I had a villain crush on Eric long before seeing Alexander Skarsgard in the role. But I was not disappointed when he showed up as the the Viking vamp. With his blonde hair,  those 8-pack (10 pack?) abs, and the spurts of humanity, it was no wonder Sookie always found herself conflicted around him.

3. Mystique, X-Men

(Rebecca Romijn)










Any woman who can pull off an all-blue look that leaves nothing to the imagination deserves to go on this list. She is super cunning and kicks butt, too. The ability to look like anyone else makes her even more dangerous, but the fact that she chooses to own her blue form most of the time makes me respect the girl. Now, if we could just talk about that need to destroy the world…

2. Alan Rickman as Every Bad Guy Ever

(Alan Rickman)


 I was first introduced to Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard. His evil knew no bounds, and he still goes down for me as one of the best villains of all time. But I can’t ignore his performances as the Sherriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (come on, that hair. And more bad guy leather!) or as Snape in the Harry Potter franchise. Alan Rickman had a way of making bad look good. He will always be missed. Always.

1. Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(James Marsters)













The moment Spike drove onto my TV screen in his leather jacket with his Billy Idol Haircut, my TV-watching life changed. Spike was one of those villains who made too many mistakes, who loved too hard, who revealed his softer side at the worst of times. He tried SO HARD to be bad. And yes, he was in many ways (let’s not forget the slayers he killed before meeting Buffy), but he also could never quite get the bad guy thing right around Buffy, and that made him endearing. As the baddie who first made me love baddies, Spike sits the top of my list.

So those are some of my favorites. I know there are ones I missed, so I’m turning it over to you. Who are the fictional villains you love to hate? And what do you think makes a fictional villain stand out?