Contemporary sports romance author Sara Rider is back with her second, but equally as competitive, book in The Perfect Play Series!  You’ve already met Jaime, Lainey’s snarky-but-lovable co-captain, but Keeping Score really lets you into her life, and her crush on the team’s physiotherapist… Will Jaime give in to a love that could leave everyone needing a cool-down, or will she use her undeniable speed to keep running? Download your copy today and read below for Sara Rider’s favorite reads that also flip the usual romance narrative on its head.

9781501132810There are a lot of classic archetypes populating the romance landscape. Every reader has their favorite, whether it’s a cowboy, a cop or a brooding, tortured werewolf. Athlete heroes have become especially popular over the last few years. They’re strong, competitive, and sexy as hell. But why should the guys get to have all the fun?

Keeping Score, the second novel in the Perfect Play series, is a classic sports romance story about a professional soccer player falling for the team’s off-limits physiotherapist. But it also has one major difference from most other books in this sub-genre. Jaime Chen, the athlete in this story, is a woman. And while she’s just as strong, driven and larger-than-life as every other athlete hero, she also faces some unique challenges as a woman making her living in professional sports. 

Gender-flipping a classic archetype is a fun and refreshing way to keep the hallmark elements of the sub-genre while exploring different nuances and dynamics. Today, I’m sharing with you five of my favorite gender-flipped archetypes in romance:

1. The billionaire: Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai

Mysterious and powerful, Akira Mori is the ultimate billionaire heroine. Her unapologetic sexuality and nuanced emotional journey make for one incredibly hot erotic romance.


2. The pirate: Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins

Stealing the hero’s ship is not the most conventional start to a courtship, but that’s badass pirate and freedom fighter Pilar Banderas’s style. Pilar’s richly layered portrayal is one of the many reasons Jenkins is the queen of historical romance.


3. The Black Ops agent: One Minute to Midnight by Nico Rosso

“Bolt Action” Mary Kuri is hands down my favorite romantic suspense heroine ever. This world-class sniper might not open up easily, but that makes her romance with co-worker Ben Jackson during a tense, undercover operation even sweeter.


4. The firefighter: Playing with Fire by Kate Meader

Alex Dempsey isn’t afraid of her feminine side, but that doesn’t make her a damsel in distress. She’s tough, loyal and awesomely heroic, and when it comes to saving the day, she’s more than capable of rescuing her love interest from a burning building. Plus, who doesn’t love a woman who uses the Jaws of Life to exact revenge on an enemy’s car?


5. The blue collar worker: Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl

Lori Love doesn’t exactly want to be a mechanic but she’s left with little choice when circumstances force to take over her father’s shop back in Tumble Creek. But Lori’s no pushover. When she decides she wants a no-strings attached fling, Quinn Jennings, learns that his little sister’s best friend is lot more complex and irresistible than he ever realized.