Like diehard Kim Harrison fans the world over, we’re getting excited for the impending publication of her new book, THE OPERATOR! This is the second in the New York Times bestselling author’s Peri Reed Chronicles, starring “drafter” Peri Reed, a time-traveler of sorts who can alter history, but is destined to have that moment in time wiped from existence–along with her own memories. When we rejoin our heroine after the events of The Drafter, she’s on the run from the government agency that trained her, and doesn’t know who to trust. We can’t wait to find out what she knows…or has forgotten!


The Operator comes out on November 22, which gives you just enough time to refresh your memory of The Drafter before then. (Super-fast reader? Don’t miss Kim’s e-novellas Sideswiped and Waylaid (the latter a crossover between Peri Reed and the beloved Hollows heroine Rachel Morgan!).

Tick tock…tick tock…

Waylaid  Sideswiped