New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne is back with another installment in her beloved Unexpected Heroes series! And she stopped by XOXOAD to chat about how the writing process went for this brand new novella. Don’t miss ONCE TAKEN, and four other full-length novels in our delightful new anthology, FALL INTO LOVE, on sale now for just $4.99!

It was so fun to return to my heroes series and write a novella back in the world of Martin Whitman and the meddling grandmothers. I always struggle a little when writing a novella because I have to combine a love story in so much fewer of words while still giving the readers a satisfying story.

But this book flowed for me. I loved Jenna, the vulnerability she felt from losing her first love, which I completely understand, to trying to save a legacy that has been in her family for more years than she can remember.

I have to admit though, that my favorite people of all of these stories are the meddlers. My love of meddling began with Joseph Anderson from my original “Billionaire Bachelors” series and the meddlers in this story are Bethel, Maggie and Eileen. I love how crafty they are and that they still dance and tip cows over and are a loving chaotic force to be reckoned with. What they want, they get.

Add to this story the magic of Christmas and I was in heaven writing it. I am excited to read the other stories from the fantastic authors I’m paired with in this anthology. I hope you all enjoy the magic of the holidays and enjoy some great eggnog while reading. See you all soon in my fantasy land.