Given the amazing response we got on our first post about hockey-player-hotness, we were reminded of two things: 1) people can tire of the in-your-face NFL football season quickly, and 2) hot guys being tough is, well, hot!

So we figured it’s time for a little more–which in hockey means an overtime shootout!

(For those unfamiliar with the sport, this is where the poor goalie has to go one-on-one with a member of the opposite team who skates at him really fast and tries to embarrass him by smacking a hard little puck into his net. In our opinion this is way more intense than a soccer shootout, where basically it’s like 50/50 if the goalie guesses the right way to jump, and no matter what the soccer ball has to be softer than a chunky black disc, no? He’s wearing a lot of layers, but c’mon!)


HOT HOTNESS, you are up first.

And for their first shot on goal, HOT HOTNESS leads with pictures of Derek Sanderson—today’s yesterday’s hockey sex symbol.

At one point he looked dreamily like this:

saandersbdf9f2417062ecf04b21And then because he liked to spin it like Burt Reynolds on skates: sanderson11







Given our love of retro bad boys, we’re calling that a score! 1-0 for HOT HOTNESS!!


REALLY INTERESTING shoots next, and we get…


The CHECK, PLEASE webcomic! You can read about it here on Comics Alliance, but basically it’s a wonderful comic about this guy Bitty, who loves baking, hockey, Beyonce, and other men. For fans of hockey and non-hockey fans alike, it’s a fascinating read and one of the most unique things out there.


Score! Tied 1-1


HOT HOTNESS skates up and slapshots a serving of….

Rookie Move

Sarina Bowen’s ROOKIE MOVE! She’s written several great romances, but none of them get this cover model’s nipples as hard as this ice-based smashfest.


ROOKIE MOVE scores, and scores, and scores! But since only one of them counts, we’ll call it 2-1 in favor of HOT HOTNESS.




Undeterred, REALLY INTERESTING shoots down the ice with…


Todd Smith’s HOCKEY STRONG. Do you want to read about athletes performing beyond their pain thresholds for the love of sport? Look no further. These are famous NHL players, talking to Todd about all sorts of things, injuries, brotherhood, and even anti-bullying efforts at local schools.


Amazing! Interesting! And…. score! All tied at 2-2.



HOT HOTNESS decides to dig deep for their next shot. And we get…

ESPN body 56af6e1

Brad Richards. Brad doesn’t need any introduction. He does need any hype. Brad scores. We know he scores, and, really, because REALLY INTERESTING is, well, no comparison to HOT HOTNESS, they kind of just let Brad take their next few shots on goal as well. They can’t help it. They’re only human, after all.

He scores and scores and scores….

And like that, HOLY HOT HOCKEY HOTNESS wins 143-2. Which is maybe how it should be.

We hope our roundup of clearly-all-the-important-hockey-things diverted you at least for a few plays from that other sport currently on your TV. #IsItOctoberYet ??