In this post, veteran mystery author Chrystle Fiedler discusses a “pet” issue of hers, one that plays an important role in all her great mysteries. Don’t miss her latest, Dandelion Dead, available now in print and ebook!

All of the books in my natural remedies mystery series focus on animal rescue. In Dandelion Dead, the latest in the series, Willow McQuade’s boyfriend Jackson Spade officially opens up an animal sanctuary for everything from dogs and cats, to birds, horses, pigs and goats, and they adopt a cute little dachshund name Zeke. If you are counting it means Willow and Jackson now have 2 cats: Ginger and Gingko and 4 dogs: Qigong, Rockford, Columbo and now, Zeke. All are rescues. All adorable!

Chrystle-Fiedler-and-Wallander-her-Detective-Dachshund-11You may be able to tell that I love dachshunds just as Willow McQuade and Jackson Spade do! I grew up with a dachshund named Snipsi and love them madly. In 2015, my elderly dachshund Holmes died, and I dedicated Dandelion Dead to him. He is very much missed.

Today, both of my dachshunds, Wallander, 7, and Murdoch, 1, (he’s the one opening up a box of my books!) came from a wonderful organization called All American Dachshund Rescue ( If you love dachshunds I dare you to visit the available dogs page and not want to take them all home or become a foster pet parent!

Each year, millions of animals like this end up in rescue groups and shelters just waiting for a forever home. But you can make a difference. Adopt your next dog or cat, don’t buy one. Many rescues offer transport from one location to another, so don’t let distance stand in the way of your new best friend. The fees are more than reasonable and usually include a full vet check, medical treatment, and spay or neutering.

Yes, You Can Rescue a Pure Bred Dog!

If you are interested in a particular breed, you can find any dog you’d like to adopt. Just put the breed of dog you are interested in your search engine and the word rescue. Or look for a breed rescue in your area. Of course, mutts make wonderful pets, too, and so do cats and many other animals.

Remember that when you adopt a rescue, you are saving two lives, that of the pet you adopt and that of the new animal you make a space for to be rescued and given a better tomorrow!Murdoch and Books!

For More Information

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