BeautifulWe are Christina Lauren’s #1 fans here at XOXOAD, ever since BEAUTIFUL BASTARD was just a glimmer in their eyes. Ten books later, we’re about to read the final book in the series,  BEAUTIFUL, and like all their fans, we’re having a tough time saying goodbye. But this love letter to their editor proves that letting go is tough, even for megabestselling authors. We love you, CLo, and we know this is just the begi–well, the middle–of a beautiful fanship!





Adam slot

Dear Adam,

We’re sure you’re seeing this post as a letter to you and are immediately in a full on, sweating panic. Fear not: we won’t share your margin notes here. At least, not all of them. No, this is our letter to you, to say thank you and tell you how pretty your hair is today. This is our letter to say, OMGlookwhatwedid! This is our letter to say, See? We told you you couldn’t outrun us. *clings* This letter is our fun little retrospective on writing the Beautiful series.

Remember that time you read Beautiful Bastard in one night, and called Agent Holly the next day? We do. That day changed our life. Christina screamed. Lo’s legs got all jelly-like. It was almost a year before we would meet you in person, but when we did – look how cute we all were back then!— we had three books published together and had written five.



And then a year later . . .


Remember that time you told us not to use the word vulva? No? Let us remind you . . .


(A couple years later you told us we could, but it had to be really worth it. We’re still waiting for the best opportunity.)

Remember that time we wrote Max? You weren’t there with us, but we sent that book to you from a hotel room in Vegas. We’d gone there together, if you remember, to celebrate sending in our first book with a deadline. Lo got us pajamas—Christina’s said “Nice” and Lo’s said “Naughty” (it was around Christmas) and when Christina opened the door to the hotel room to greet Lo and saw her present, she said, “It’s cute you think I’m wearing pajamas tonight.”

See? We’re like this all the time, even when we’re alone. We aren’t just out to ruin you; we’re broken.

Remember when the film rights sold for Bastard? And we were all giddy and snickery about the prop department having to pre-rip all of the underwear?

Remember when Target said they wanted to do a special edition of Beautiful Stranger, and Christina and I sold all our belongings and forever shopped only at Target? (Okay, that part didn’t really happen, but we did make a really ridiculous video.)

And do you remember how hard you fought for the Beautiful Bitch title? This is one of a million reasons why you’re the most amazing advocate for us. We’re pretty sure that Agent Holly knew this would be a perfect match, but even with our first book, and then our second, we didn’t fully realize how much Gallery would start to feel like home to us, and our books.

We certainly remember when you fell hard for Will. You told us over and over again to “make Beautiful Player funnier”—no pressure—and that was the first book we wrote together where we felt like Real Authors. (Side note: who remembers how hard Lo fought for the title Beautiful Insider as a total double entendre? Bueller?)

Remember when you got married? The awesome Jen Bergstrom had us put together a Top Ten List containing our favorite Adam Wilson margin notes (including that awesome one up there), and then read it in front of all your colleagues at a surprise bachelor party? If we didn’t fall in love with Gallery for that, we definitely did after we saw the card they made for you . . .

Adam cover



And then there was the Wild Seasons series. That poor Uber driver had to listen to the three of us and Precious Kristin (ed. note: CLo’s awesome publicist) brainstorming titles for the entire drive from Manhattan to Brooklyn on a Thursday at rush hour.

“More adjectives!”






The poor driver sat up front probably wondering what the hell kind of job we had. (Spoiler alert: the BEST job).

We returned to the Beautifuls with Beautiful Beloved, and then Niall and Ruby, and then again with more Will and Hanna. But this last one, reading through Pippa and Jensen . . . it’s the best kind of weird, right? Because there are so many characters and juggling them in the scenes together was actually sort of hard! It really hit home how many books we’ve created together.

We know you like a lot of heavy sentiment (hehe), so we wanted to take this time to say thank you for giving us this chance, and for helping us create these characters. Thanks for the margin notes and the strong editorial hand and the behind-the-scenes advocacy we never actually see in action, but we know is happening. We know this isn’t the end for CLoAW, but it does feel sort of emotional to wrap up the first series we ever did together. Think of how long your hair has grown since you started!!

In case you can’t remember, maybe this handy image we made for Editor Appreciation day will remind you. Lo is an artiste!

Adam hair

Who knows, maybe for the next series you stop cutting your beard!

See? We are full of amazing ideas.

Will Sumner loves you (and we like you enough to keep you around for at least 50 more books),

Lo & C