Today we welcome Anna Todd to the blog to tell us about the genesis of her brand-new series, a spinoff from the international phenomenon AFTER. If you’ve been following Tessa and Hardin’s adventures, then you’ve probably been rooting for Landon to find his own happily-ever-after as much as we were! Read on for the story of how Anna began the Landon Series, and tell us which character you think should get a spinoff next.

Nothing more

So… where to begin?

About two years ago I was a little bookworm writing fanfiction on Wattpad and I was writing a chapter from my other series, After, and the chapter took place at Landon’s wedding. I loved the scene and I was so happy for Landon to get married, but then I realized something: I had no idea who Landon’s wife was. I thought about it and thought about it, but she still didn’t have a face. I could sense pieces of her personality, but not who she was. So I told my readers on Wattpad that I was going to write a book for Landon so we could all find out who his wife was. Since then, I got a publishing deal (still pinching myself) and I’ve been traveling (pinching still), and I start writing Nothing More.

The more I wrote about Landon, the more I fell in love with him. He’s so loyal—sometimes to a fault—and he’s passionate about those he loves. In the beginning of Nothing More, you see Landon’s best friend, Tessa, going through a bad break-up, and Landon is sort of stuck between the two, since Tessa’s ex also happens to be Landon’s step-brother.

Landon tries his best to be there for Tessa and for Hardin all the while he’s going through his own relationship drama. See, Landon just moved from Washington to New York to follow his longtime girlfriend’s dream of becoming a ballerina in New York City. The problem is that she ended their relationship right before he arrived there.

And so when we find Landon in Nothing More, he’s learning to juggle the big city, a new college, his best friend’s love crisis, his ex’s back-and-forth about their relationship status, a job at his local coffee shop, and his growing attraction to Tessa’s saucy and sexy new friend, Nora. Nora is older, wiser, and far more sexually aware than Landon, and at first he’s intimidated, but overall he can’t help but feel bolder—and even sexier—himself when she’s around.

Honestly, Landon’s lonely. He never puts himself first and he often lets people trample on him. And so in some ways he’s a little timid. But really, his strength is the thing I was looking forward to the most while writing this. Since his character came into my life I have watched him struggle to stand up for himself and waited and waited for him to have that moment where he realizes how much he does for everyone around him—and that he deserves something back! It’s like he uses all of his energy on everyone else and there’s nothing more for himself.

I’ve heard so many kind things from so many of my readers regarding early drafts of my book that it’s made my heart truly happy. I was worried readers wouldn’t love Landon the same way they do Hardin in After, but it’s not about that. I love Hardin and Tessa like they are my own children 😛  But I also love Landon, in a different way. He’s such a good friend and helped Hardin and Tessa through so much. I just want him to be happy and loved the way he deserves… *cries*

So, if you love handsome boys with gigantic hearts, check out Nothing More and Nothing Less to discover Landon’s fate right alongside him. <3

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Xo Anna Todd