Pocket Star historical romance author Julia Kelly has blessed us with the beautiful people she’s casting in her brand new Governess series! Keep reading to find out if you have a favorite hero… I know I do. And don’t miss all three installments in the series–pre-order The Governess was Wicked now!


I have a confession to make. I’m really jealous of authors who know exactly what their characters look like. They can point to a photo of a celebrity and say, “Yep, that’s my hero right there. Isn’t he gorgeous?” (Yes, he always is.)

Usually I have a mental picture of what my hero and heroine look like, but I’ve never been great about casting my characters like you would cast a movie.

All of that changed when I wrote the Governess series. I knew exactly which actors looked like the hero and heroine of my books.

The Governess Was Wicked

There could really only be one Dr. Edward Fellows for The Governess Was Wicked: Tom Hiddleston.


Edward’s a brilliant physician who’s bursting with excitement about his profession. He’s passionate about medicine, so much so that when he gets on a roll he bounces on his toes and talks faster and faster until he catches himself. He also cares deeply for his patients. Perfect beta hero.

The only thing Edward is more passionate about than medicine is Elizabeth, the governess he’s been hung up on for years.



We first meet Elizabeth when she’s dressed for bed. In my head, she looks like Rachel Weisz in The Mummy with loads of gorgeous, curling black hair. Elizabeth is quiet and bookish with a determined streak that runs deep. She’s never really allowed herself to dream that she might one day fall in love, but one kiss with Edward has he questioning all of that.

The Governess Was Wanton

When I wrote The Governess Was Wanton there was really only one man who could be Lord Eric Aston, an honorable man who cares deeply for his daughter but is also used to being a commanding figure of importance. He had to be Richard Armitage, specifically as he looked when he played John Thornton in North and South.


He’s the sort of man who can glare someone into submission but who also melts when he sees the woman he loves…


…who would be Mary (who in my head looks just Julianne Moore). The red-headed veteran governess is the sort of woman who doesn’t mess around. She’s very, very good at her job and used to coming into a home and rearranging her employers’ lives for the better. She’s loyal but also independent and self-assured. She’s convinced she’d got her life all figured out, which means she’s just the sort of heroine to fall deeply, madly in love with the one man who can make her feel vulnerable.

The Governess Was Wild

Let’s talk Chris Hemsworth. I knew I wanted to write a blond hero (we blonds have to stick together), and right as I started plotting out The Governess Was Wild a lot of promo shots were floating around from In the Heart of the Sea starring — you guessed it — Chris Hemsworth.


I don’t really need a reason to stare at photos of him, but he was also perfect for Sir Nicholas Hollings. Strong and steadfast, I wanted a hero who oozed protective and sexy all at once for this road trip adventure book.


For my heroine, Jane, I picked Kristen Bell. She’s pretty and innocent looking, but there’s a lot more going on underneath. Jane is resourceful and responsible, but she yearns for adventure. But she was put in school and has seemed destined to be a governess since she was a little girl. With her path so clearly set, and she never thought she’d ever meet a man who would show her what it feels like to be cared for and loved.

Time for you to dream up your perfect romance hero. Leave a comment and let me know who you’d pick!

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