WhitefernIf you were ever a V.C. Andrews fan, chances are your favorite of her books is either Flowers in the Attic or My Sweet Audrina. For those who weren’t obsessed with the Dollanganger clan, Audrina Adare’s story promised every kind of Gothic melodrama you could long for–evil stepmothers/cousins/husbands, dark family secrets, and a host of women who all get pushed down the same staircase to their deaths. (You’d think at some point they’d put a gate up.)

Now, for the first time, you can return to the world of the Adares in WHITEFERN, the sequel to My Sweet Audrina, available now! In Whitefern (the name of the Adare family manse), Audrina is all grown up, trying to make a go of it with husband Arden, but her controlling father Damien is still meddling from beyond the grave. He’s left Audrina controlling interest in the family business, when for years they’d all assumed it would go to Arden. Now Audrina thinks she’d like to give it a try, and Arden’s none too happy about it. And what’s going on with Sylvia, Audrina’s beloved, disabled sister? Could there be more secrets still to uncover at Whitefern?

Of course there could!

Not only is WHITEFERN currently available in mass market and ebook, it’s also available in an audio edition, and our friends at S&S Audio have given us a taste:

If you’d like to purchase the audiobook, you can find it here:

Audible: http://adbl.co/29WjOk4

iTunes: http://apple.co/2a3RUAH

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