With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, the XOXO headquarters are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming days of fun in the sun, and what better way is there to celebrate summer vacation than with a picnic? We have a long list of books that are each good enough to eat (or at least to consume greedily with our eyes) and given all the free time you’ll hopefully have soon, we want to share them with you! Get ready to enjoy a lazy afternoon of reading folks, cause XOXO is here to give it to ya.

That’s right, we have a “perfect picnic” themed sweepstakes featuring tasty books that are sweet (and some a little sexy) as can be! For your chance to win the following five titles, enter the following question in the comments section below: where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

picnic post pic

Sweepstakes ends on July 14th. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here. Thank you for your participation!