Lowcountry WeddingAs romance fans, we all love a love story…and now you have a chance to help tell one! New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe decided to celebrate her new book, A Lowcountry Wedding, by giving something back to another couple in love. So she’s holding a contest where one lucky pair will win a $40,000 wedding in beautiful Charleston!

Charleston wedding
OMG so pretty!


She’s narrowed the finalists down to three great couples, and now she needs your help: go to her contest page, watch their videos, and pick your winner! Will it be Ryan and Julie, whose baby’s early medical issues put their wedding on hold; Johnathan and Yolanda, who describe themselves as a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps story; or Tiffany and Jason, who’ve been together eight years but delayed their wedding planning after the loss of Tiffany’s parents?

Can’t we give weddings to everybody! They all sound amazing and deserving! But no…someone has to win, and you have to help decide. Read all about the contest, watch the videos, and go VOTE! VOTE FOR LOVE!