This week on XOXO is all about love and weddings in case you haven’t noticed.  Our lovely XOXO staffers Liz, Lauren and Abby share the stories behind their engagement rings.  Share yours in the comments – we would LOVE to hear them!

'Little Grandma'
‘Little Grandma’

Liz: Worn as a cocktail ring by my husband’s great-great grandmother in the Bronx, NY, and then nestled for several years in my mother-in-law’s jewelry box in South Carolina, my engagement ring sparkles again in New York. It’s a unique domed stunner whose diamonds were cut to be seen best under candlelight–a romantic element that I love, even though, given that I have a 3-year-old daughter, candlelight dinners are not currently part of my lifestyle. The ring’s four tiny triangular sapphires are synthetic, I’ve been told by every appraiser; when I make my millions I’ll replace them with real gems. 😉 I recently asked my mother-in-law to remind me of her great-grandmother’s name, and she replied, “I don’t actually know. She was tiny, and everyone just called her ‘Little Grandma.'” Well, Little Grandma, while your name may be lost to family history, you had great taste, and I’m thrilled to wear your gorgeous ring today!


Abby: I first had a hunch that my now-husband might be proposing when we were watching TV and a jewelry commercial came on. He asked, “So, rings…do you like…platinum?” I basically stopped breathing for a minute and then said, “Um, sure…or whatever. Silver colored.” He said, “Okay,” and turned over and went to sleep. WENT TO SLEEP, PEOPLE. And so I guess that’s how we began the “so we’re getting married” discussion!

When he actually did propose several weeks later, it was a lovely moment and still came as a surprise. And when he pulled out the ring box, I couldn’t have asked for better—rather than purchasing something, he’d gone to his mother and requested his late grandmother’s white gold engagement ring and wedding band, which we think are from the 1930s. And although they looked pretty tiny—those early-20th-century ladies had more slender hands than I!—both rings fit perfectly. Knowing that they’re part of his family history makes me smile every time I look down and see them on my hand, and next month marks our ninth anniversary.


Lauren: Because I love antiques, and my husband loves me, he surprised me with a turn of the century diamond ring from England.  It has an antique setting but still feels very modern in design with three circle cut diamonds that have an art deco feel.  I never expected him to pick out the ring all by himself but that’s exactly what he did.  He gave it to me on the Brooklyn Bridge with scores of onlookers applauding as I cried uncontrollably.  This was a totally unexpected proposal which made it all the more special.

It may sound strange but I cannot totally remember that day, it’s all a blur of feelings and sensory impressions.  Shock, bubbling joy, tears, blue blue sky, the sparkling water of the East River, wolf whistles and hands clapping, and most vivid of all is the feel of my husband’s arms around me and the tickle of his whiskers on my lips as I cried tears of happiness into his neck.     


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