Our stalwart Bachelorette recapper Gabra is no stranger to a hashtag, as you’ll know if you’ve read any of her The Catch recaps (#hotasrocks). So it’s no surprise that while the Bach goes dark for NBA finals, Gabra turned to Twitter! Here’s a sampling of the best #Bachelorette tweets she spotted last night…

Jojo Bachelorette

#Bachelorette Roundup

Well there’s no episode this week: #buzzkill.  I figured instead I would give you, yes, a selection of the finest #bachelorette tweets from the Twitterverse.



Because as anyone knows, #Bachelorette tweets often eclipse the show itself.



A List of My Fave #Bachelorette #Bachaddicted #BachelorNation Tweets, accompanied by kitschy nicknames:


Punch Drunk:


Trump Card:


Welcome to the Bates Motel:


Cat and Mouse Game:


All That and a Side of Gefilte:


The Dark Side of Across the Pond:


Yet Another Option:


Bring Me My Musket:


As UnReal As It Gets:

[Ed. note: Seriously, all the hype about this show is deserved! A must-watch for cynical Bachelor fans!]


Hope you’ve enjoyed the #BacheloretteRoundup!  Join us next week for more antics, more Chad, and more #BleachableMoments.