At XOXOAD, we’re always interested in how our authors balance their work and family lives, and today Molly Harper, author of the Half Moon Hollow series of paranormal romances, lifted the veil on her secret: use the kids! But when you have a kid as smart (and smart-alecky) as Molly’s daughter Darcy, that comes with complications of its own…

Darcy is home for the summer. While her brother is participating in a day camp, she has very little planned for the next two months except reading the twelve YA books required to keep her iPad from being confiscated.

This morning, I walked into the living room and dropped a box full of promo items for WHERE THE WILD THINGS BITE, manila envelopes, letters and a list of addresses for my street team at her feet. The following conversation ensued:

Darcy: What’s this?

Me: Remember when I said you weren’t going to spend the summer on the couch playing Minecraft? I’m putting you to work. Assemble these promotional packages for my street team. I’ll print out the labels and you can stick them on.

Darcy: Aren’t there laws against this sort of thing?

Me: Only if I let you operate heavy machinery.

Darcy: I was going to ride my bike this morning!

(I pause to observe her empty bowl of cereal and the active game of Minecraft on her iPad.)

Me: Come on, hon, it’s important that you build some work ethic by the time I release you out into the world.

Darcy: Fine, but I’m not signing the letters. You sign your name like a crazy person.

Me: Well, that keeps you from being able to forge it.

Darcy: Why can’t you do this yourself?

Me: I’m writing.

Darcy: You’re not finished with that book, YET?

Me: Shut it.

Darcy: (smirking) I’m just saying, it’s important to build a good work ethic.

Me: I will take the iPad.

Darcy: Ugh.

Me: And make you read grammar textbooks.

Darcy: You are a terrible parent.

Me: Well, when you write your tell-all book about your childhood, you’ll have a better-than-average idea of how to get it published.

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